Mittelpunkt, Motivation und Maßstab jedes Auftrags. Das Abresch-Team macht sich rund um die Uhr für die Wünsche seiner Kunden stark.


Our expertise. And our commitment to safely deliver irreplaceable values to their destination.


Notre expertise. Et notre ambition, celle d’amener à leur destination des valeurs inestimables.

Export packaging

Our packaging protects your goods from mechanical influences and is custom designed for the special transport conditions of the individual carriers. During the packaging process, each individual exported item is protected against any potential longitudinal or transverse acceleration. In addition to mechanical protection,

climatic protection also plays an important role. We seal your machines and packaged goods airtight in aluminum composite foil with added desiccant in accordance with DIN 55474, thus providing maximum protection against corrosion. All relevant export guidelines are taken into consideration and complied with.

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Sea freight

Around 90 percent of the intercontinental traffic of goods is handled by container ships at sea. By providing optimum protection for your packaged goods, we ensure ideal conditions for successful sea transport. Transport costs can be significantly reduced by making the best possible use of available stowage space.

Air freight

You want to transport your goods quickly and flexibly to their destination by air? Then the packaging should be light enough to avoid unnecessary costs. But also sturdy enough to withstand the special conditions of air transport without damage. Our status as a "regulated agent" under the EU directive of the German Aviation Security Act allows us to hand over your valuable goods "secured" to the airline.


Road and rail transport

The road offers maximum flexibility and logistical advantages. Our long-standing cooperation with partner companies allows us to provide even demanding heavy and specialized transports with special equipment. Rail transport scores with short delivery times and comparatively low transport costs - as well as environmentally friendly mobility, which is becoming increasingly important to many customers.

Hazardous goods packaging

Hazardous materials need a particularly sensitive hand. In such cases the highest degree of caution, safety and reliability is required. Abresch offers its customers highly professional packaging and complete documentation for all transport options by air, road, rail and sea. Of course, always in accordance with the international regulations of transport law (e.g. IATA, ADR or IMO).


More than 10,000 units per year, from small spare parts to exhibits weighing up to 100 tons: Abresch boasts a high level of shipping flexibility and many years of experience in transporting a wide spectrum of goods through individually

fabricated wooden packaging materials. As a member of the Bundesverband Holzpackmittel, Paletten, Exportverpackung e.V. (HPE) (federal association for wood packaging, pallets, export packaging), the mandatory specifications and standards are our top priority.

In-house Packaging

You want to streamline your production chain and concentrate on your core business? We commission and package your machines and goods quickly and uncomplicatedly on our 8000 square meter site. We can also store your goods if you so desire.

Packaging at the customer's site

Our mobile service enables packaging to be done on site: we prepare the goods for shipping at your location. After measurement of the goods to be transported, the individual components of the wooden packaging are accurately prefabricated in our Viernheim plant and then assembled on site.

Container stowage

Today, more than 80 percent of all globally shipped general cargo is transported in containers. This means of transport is one of the most important shipping methods in international trade. We handle the stowage of your containers according to your individual specifications or the HPE regulations. On the journey to its destination, the packaged product is perfectly protected against all mechanical and climatic influences. In addition, we offer verified weighing of export containers in accordance with the Solas guidelines.


The goods must be available to the customer in the correct quantity at the agreed time with the appropriate information at the right location. To ensure a fast and reliable route to your destination, we would be happy to handle the entire operative distribution logistics for you. In the process from production to market, customer satisfaction and cost efficiency represent the benchmark by which we like to be judged.


You have no free capacities for preparing an order? Abresch takes over the commissioning and assembles the goods in the desired shipping unit - always in the optimum packaging and thus ideally protected for the specific transport route.


Well archived, securely positioned and precisely documented: If things get tight for you, we can store your goods. Make use of our location as a temporary transshipment hub and benefit from the spacious facilities of your versatile logistics partner.

Spare part logistics

We help you to prevent or minimize costly downtime in spare parts logistics. Our packaging service also handles partial deliveries with the same quality and reliability. Contact us!

Workforce service

Personnel problems? Benefit from our most important resource: people. We have the right heads. Our employees have crane and forklift licenses and can be deployed in many different ways - in the warehouse, as forklift or crane operators or in various packaging activities.