Mittelpunkt, Motivation und Maßstab jedes Auftrags. Das Abresch-Team macht sich rund um die Uhr für die Wünsche seiner Kunden stark.


The focus, motivation and yardstick of every contract. The Abresch team works around the clock to meet the wishes of its customers.

Company history

Abresch is a medium-sized wholesale timber company with an integrated industrial packaging division.

The beginnings of the family can be traced to Neustadt an der Weinstrasse:

Karl Philipp Abresch was a supplier of timber for railway sleepers and wine barrels when Johann Philipp Abresch became known as a co-founder of democracy because he was the first to make a black-red-gold flag, which he carried at the Hambach Festival in May 1832. This was the origin of our present national flag and, at the same time, the birth of democracy in Germany.

The Abresch company's biography dates back to 1954: at that time the entrepreneur Heinrich Abresch and his wife Eva-Maria laid the foundation stone for his wood wholesale business. At the tender age of 18, the founder had gained valuable experience for his further career as the manager of the family metal goods factory Carl Liebmann in Stadtilm near Erfurt.

In Viernheim, he gradually expanded his company. Abresch soon made a name for itself as a reliable supplier and partner to the building materials, steel and packaging industries.

In 1978, the entrepreneur decided to establish a second business and founded Abresch Industrieverpackung GmbH. This division of the company develops and produces customized solutions for demanding overseas shipments.

Today, one of his two daughters, Heike Abresch, runs the company as Managing Director and shareholder in the second generation. With an experienced and flexible team that will carry the 65-year company history successfully into the future.

Company founder Heinrich Abresch

Team Wood

When it comes to wood, you're in good hands with us. We are happy to help you with any questions. Call us!


Heike Abresch

Managing Director | Shareholder

Joachim Klemm

Managing Director


Rüdiger Rossow

Sales Area Manager Germany North/West and neighboring European countries

Email: r.rossow@holz-abresch.de 
Tel.: 0176-19621101

Rainer Kleinbauer

Field Sales Consultant

Email: r.kleinbauer@holz-abresch.de 
Tel.: 0176-19621120

Elmar Kromer

Sales Are Manager Germany Central/Southwest and neighboring European countries.

Email: e.kromer@abresch-industrieverpackung.de 
Telefon: 0176-19621115


Carmen Oppenhym

Head of Financial Accounting

Jutta Benz

Head of Human Resources

Daniela Zapf

Financial Accounting Specialist

Email: d.zapf@holz-abresch.de

Jutta Martin

Order Processing Specialist

Sybille Friedrich


Helga Wiegand

Accounting Specialist

Claudia Jung

Cleanliness and Order Governess

Driver Team

Our competent team of drivers is responsible for the smooth transportation of your goods. They deliver your goods quickly and reliably to the agreed destination.

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Hans-Jürgen Bürgermeister

Hans-Jürgen Bürgermeister

Rainer Wendschuh

Rainer Wendschuh

Wolfgang Unser

Wolfgang Unser

Eduard Witmaier

Eduard Witmaier

Hans Diehl

Hans Diehl

Mario Rothe

Mario Rothe

Guido Muench

Guido Muench

Dietmar Koeber

Dietmar Koeber

Warehouse Team

Stefan Braun

Warehouse Supervisor

Mamadi Susso

Warehouse Staff

Packaging Team

We ensure the safe export of your goods and all that goes with it! With our decades of experience, when it comes to wood, you are in good hands with us. We will gladly help you with any questions. Call us! We are happy to be at your service around the clock.

Elmar Kromer

Managing Director

Email: e.kromer@abresch-industrieverpackung.de 
Tel.: 0176-19621115

Patrick Ruh

Authorized Representative

Email: p.ruh@abresch-industrieverpackung.de 
Tel.: 0176-19621105

Christian Tohn

Head of Customer Service

Email: c.tohn@abresch-industrieverpackung.de
Tel.: 0176-19621127

Ivonne Pülm

Management Assistant

Michael Reither

Commercial Assistant

Vjaceslav Burgardt

Warehouse Manager, Shipping


In addition to its players in the core business, Abresch also has a team of animals at its disposal, which supports the company's organizational culture with animal energy, adaptive intelligence and uncompromising reliability.




A far-sighted manager who makes strategic decisions and knows how to achieve long-term corporate goals with stoic composure and natural leadership qualities.



This attentive and critical eye makes sure that even the most demanding supervisor and control functions are in the best of hands.


A friendly but determined trio with twelve legs and a concerted commitment to the company's security structure.



Idealistic motivators who enlighten the working atmosphere with obliging charm and unbridled vitality and whose motivating nature keeps day-to-day work from being a soporific routine.


With a high level of social competence and a touch of aristocratic noblesse, this unruffled and experienced team is an invaluable addition to the crew and serves as an excellent business card for our corporate culture.