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Wooden packaging materials

Export packaging is usually made of wood or wood-based materials. Boards, planks, wood-based materials or squared lumber are joined together in the process. All wood-based materials used in the process must meet the respective dimensional and quality standards as well as the respective import regulations of the most diverse countries.

The sturdiness of the packaging is determined by the following parameters:

•         Mode of transportation

•         Weight

•         Dimensions of the packaged goods

•         Turnover rate

•         Customer requirements

Transverse skid box

We use this type of crate for weights of 50 - 300 kg or depending on the dimensions of your packaged goods. It has the advantage of being light enough for air freight, but stable enough to withstand the forces generated during take-off or landing.

Longitudinal skid box

Our longitudinal skid crate is our most stable crate type. Wooden beams are attached lengthwise in order to absorb the forces arising during transport and thus optimally protect your packaged goods.

Boxes for small parts

We will be happy to provide you with a crate of this type for goods weighing less than 80 kg. They are well suited for small spare parts that you need to quickly prepare for delivery to your customer or your production facility.

Wooden crate

You are looking for an alternative to a wooden box? Then we can offer you a wooden crate. This serves as transport protection for your packaged goods and at the same time makes it easier to secure the load during road transport.

Transport floors

You just want to protect a product and make it transportable? Then we can offer you a more stable transport floor that is made to measure. This floor can also be built for any weight or dimension.

Special floors

Special floors are suitable for use with certain special packaged goods. No matter whether oversized or extremely heavy. Or whether the shape makes it difficult to secure for transport. We would be happy to advise you.

Four-way pallet

Two-way pallet

Packaging aids

You need materials to protect your goods? We would be glad to help. Our product range offers a wide spectrum. From simple stretch film to oversized squared lumber. Please do not hesitate to contact us for whatever you need.


We are happy to supply you with stretch foils, PE or aluminum composite foils, shrink foils or other special foils. You can order these from us individually, in large quantities or together with your wooden packaging materials


You do the packaging yourself? We can provide you with the necessary materials to secure your goods in the boxes. Our assortment includes screws and fasteners of all types, straps and other materials that are important for the packaging process.


Our colleagues at Abresch Holzgroßhandlung are the right people to contact.


Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a high-quality range of products and services. Quality is regularly tested by both internal and external auditors.


Abresch Industrieverpackung is a member of the Bundesverband Holzpackmittel Paletten, Exportverpackung e.V. (federal association of wood packaging pallets, export packaging).

DIN EN ISO 9001,2015

Abresch Industrieverpackung is a certified specialized company under DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Air freight safety

Abresch industrial packaging is approved by the LBA and enjoys Regulated Agent status.

Certification number, DE/RA/0118501/0518

Hazardous goods

•      Air freight under IATA

•      Sea freight under IMDG

•      Road under ADR



Wood from certified sustainable forest management in accordance with the PEFC system.


Our in-house production gives us maximum flexibility and if you are in a particular hurry, our express service guarantees: "ordered yesterday, delivered tomorrow".

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