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THE natural product - elemental, sustainable and with an ancient cultural history. One of the most versatile materials and the source of our passion.

Sawn timber

We can supply you with sawn timber in various quality grades, thicknesses, lengths and finishes to suit your requirements. The large selection of clean and professionally dried wood is monitored in accordance with strict quality standards.

  • Board products

    Formwork boards quality class II-IV

    Formwork boards are used to make molds for producing concrete building elements.

    o 24 mm form boards, mixed widths 8-16 cm / lengths from 3-5 m

    o 24 mm boards in fixed widths 10 cm

    o 24 mm boards in fixed widths 12 cm

    o 24 mm boards in fixed widths 14 cm
    o 24 mm boards in fixed widths 18 cm

    Further widths available in 8, 16 and 20 cm.

    The boards are rough sawn; if desired: dried, impregnated or planed.

    Railing boards 30 x 150 mm board products

    o Railing boards standard, simple and low-cost design

    o Railing boards standard, stained red

    o Railing boards S10 graded and stamped, untreated

    o Railing boards S10 graded, stamped, dyed signal red

  • Squared timber

    Squared timber stock cut class A/B - low-priced with possible 1/3 waney edge

    o 6x12 cm

    o 7x14 cm

    o 8 x /10/12/16

    o 10 x 10/12/16/20

    o 12 x 14/16 cm

    Squared timber stock cut class A/S - Square-edged or 1/8 wane

    o 6 x 8 cm

    o 8 x 10/12/16 cm

    o 10 x 10/12/16/20 cm

  • Planks

    o Standard planking S7 45 x 280 mm / 3-5 m

    o Standard planking S7 45 x 280 mm edge-cut L = 3 and 4.50 m

    o Standard planking S7 45 x 280 mm edge-cut and mounted

    o Planking 50 x 280 mm / 3-5 m

    o Sheet piling 60 x 280 mm / 4.50 m

    o S10 planking 50 x 280 mm with stamp / 4-5 m

    o S10 planking 50 x 280 mm dyed signal red /4-5 m

  • Wooden slats/laths

    o 24 x 48 mm rough/impregnated/kiln dried

    o 30 x 50 mm rough/impregnated/kiln dried

    o 40 x 60 mm rough/impregnated/kiln dried

    In accordance with DIN 4074-1 and the rules of the Berufsgenossenschaft (statutory occupational accident insurance), technically dried slats/laths and eaves planks sorted according to their strength must be used to ensure the safety of roofers in construction.

    o Roof laths KD 31x52 mm / 4 + 5 m

    o Roof laths KD 41x62 mm / 4 + 5 m

    o Eaves planks KD 31.5 x 61.5 x 123 mm /5 m

  • Construction timber

    The sawing of individually dimensioned timber is known as construction timber in fixed dimensions.

    Strength sorting must be carried out for load bearing and construction purposes, whereby the minimum bending strength must not fall below the characteristic value of 24 N / mm2.

    Further desired modifications such as planing, chamfering, impregnating, drying or edge-cutting must be specified.

Composite panels

Composite panels for a wide range of applications - Simple plywood panels for fences, OSB panels as step covering, film plywood as formwork panels for visible concrete surfaces or the higher quality three-layer panels for a concrete look with wood structure. You will find it all here.

  • Untreated plywood

    Untreated plywood Elliottis pine C+/C available in 12 and 20 mm

    Untreated plywood for universal use in the packaging industry or as blended board for subordinate non-visible formwork purposes. The panels are inexpensive, but sealed and sanded on at least one side.

    o Dimensions: 250 x 125 / 244 x 122

    Untreated plywood maritime pine BFU 100

    This more dimensionally stable solution for construction purposes involves improved untreated plywood panels, mostly of European origin with a 9-11-fold structure.

    o Dimensions: 250 x 125 / 244 x 122

  • Film-coated panels


    Chinese film panels are the cheapest coated solution for formwork use on visible concrete surfaces without special requirements. This panel is made entirely of poplar, it is WPB bonded (weather and boil-proof), the phenolic resin coating on both sides is 125 - 200 g/m², the edges are sealed.

    The panels are not made by recycling and are triple pressed.

    The standard dimensions are 2.50 x 1.25 m. Better from a handling point of view and lighter are the centrally split and resealed 0.625 x 2.50 m panels.

    o Dimensions: 250 x 125 / 250 x 62.5 cm

    Birch film panels:

    High-quality birch formwork panel with 13-15 fold crosswise bonding for concrete surfaces.

    o Dimensions: 250 x 125 cm / 300 x 150 cm

    Facing formwork 4 and 8 mm (Betoplan)

    The thin 4 or 8 mm facing formwork is particularly suitable for installation on load-supporting elements, which eliminates the need to replace or repair damaged panel surfaces.

    o Dimensions: 250 x 125 cm

  • 3-layer formwork panels

    21 mm three-layer-panels

    If a wood structure is desired in the concrete for wall and ceiling formwork, the classic, dimensionally stable 3-layer panel with melamine resin is available.

    Theoretically the dimensions are 5 x 2 m, but the handier 0.50 x 2.00 / 2.50 m are more in demand.

    Optionally with or without an edge protection profile.

  • OSB

    OSB boards / large panels made of long and slender chips

    Glued formaldehyde-free in accordance with DIN EN 300


    o 12 mm 280 x 125 cm

    o 20 mm 250 x 125 cm

    Tongue + groove:

    o 250 x 62.5 cm

    o Available from warehouse in 12/15/18/22/25 cm

  • Solid wood boards

    Solid wood boards with edge protection E-profile

    The applications range from ceiling, wall and bridge formwork to worktops for interior and exterior use.

    o Dimensions: 50x150/200/250 cm


The right accessories - to match our product range, we can also supply you with trapezoidal and triangular chamfer strips, hardwood wedges and stakes in various sizes.

  • Trapezoidal strips

    Softwood trapezoidal strips


    o 30/20/10 mm
    o 30/20/15 mm
    o 40/30/10 mm
    o 40/30/15 mm
    o 40/30/20 mm

    o 50/40/30 mm

  • Dreikantleisten

    Dreikantleisten aus astreinem Weichholz - Dreikantleisten


    • 11 x 11 mm
    • 15 x 15 mm
    • 18 x 18 mm
    • 22 x 22 mm
    • 25 x 25 mm
    • 30 x 30 mm
    • 40 x 40 mm
    • 50 x 50 mm
  • Hardwood wedges

    Beech hardwood wedges / per pallet of 12 bags

    • HK 2 0/25/80/180 mm
    • HK 4 0/40/80/200 mm
    • Chock wedges 0/40/80/120 mm
    • Jumbo wedges 0/50/140/300 mm
  • Stakes

    Stakes sharpened on one side, pressure impregnated:

    Diameter approx. 6 cm

    Lengths: 1.50m, 2m, 2.50m


We place great value on the protection of our environment.

Wood from certified sustainable forest management in accordance with the PEFC system.


Delivery areas

Central delivery area - delivery's within 1-3 working days

We deliver to our customers almost daily in the metropolitan regions:

Rhein - Neckar - Pfalz
Rhein - Main

Greater Stuttgart area - Karlsruhe - Heilbronn

It is also possible to deliver small quantities of less than 1 lift by arrangement.

Standard delivery area - delivery time 1-10 working days

We serve almost all regions in Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, Luxembourg and Baden-Württemberg, as well as the western parts of Bavaria and Thüringen 1-2 times per week with collective delivery tours.

Delivery area for load-wise consignments:

If a full load is purchased, we can deliver not only to the entire country, but also to neighboring countries. We have numerous customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and France.